Frequently Asked Question


 1.            What is needed to register as a business to create cash reward coupons or a user who sends out the cash reward coupons via social media?

                The business and users need a PayPal account and a mobile phone.  The PayPal account is used to receive and send cash to people who referred paying customers to the business who created the cash reward coupon. The mobile phone is there username when they sign up.


2.            How does work for businesses?

               The web page and mobile application allows a business and anyone advertise a business and their cash referral program for customers with a cash reward coupon.  The business is the only one that need to download the mobile application to scan in the cash reward coupon.


3.            How does the business sign up?

                The business signs up with their mobile phone number, business information and a PayPal account.  Then the business can start to create their coupons and send them out to their social media contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or via text from their mobile phone. There is no cost to sign up, create, or send out the cash reward coupons.


4.            How does the mobile application work for the business?

                The business will sign up and provide authorized mobile phone numbers that will download the application and scan in the unique QR code on the cash reward coupon.  There can be up to 4 authorized mobile phones used to scan in the QR code to process the cash reward coupon.


5.            What is a cash reward coupon?

               The coupon also has the amount of the cash reward the business is willing to pay you for referring a customer to them to buy their service or product.


6.            How do I get the cash from the coupon?

               A person sending out the coupon also needs to sign up with a PayPal account.  Then any coupon can be sent out to their social media contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or text via mobile phone with their unique QR code on the coupon.  If any of your social media contacts use the coupon with your unique QQR code, then you will get the cash reward indicated on the cash reward coupon.


7.            When does the business get charged the cash rewards and fees?

               The business is charged at the early of the expiration date of the coupon or when all of the coupons have been used.


8.            When do I get the cash from the coupons I sent out and where used?

                The cash is paid to the referring person to their PayPal account on the first (1st) or fifteenth (15th) of the month after you have reached a cash reward amount of $35.00



9.            Is there any way to make money from

               Yes.  Any registered user can request any business sign up with and user their registered mobile phone number as the referral code.


10.          How much cash do I receive if I sign up a business?

               When a business signs up and puts in your registered mobile    


11.          How do I contact

      address is PO Box 720070, San Diego CA  92172.  Email